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Tuesday 19:th

Innovation beyond borders

Wednesday 20:th

Future proof your Brand

Thursday 21:th

The Power of CoCreation


Innovation beyond borders

Learn how innovation strategies together with brand vision can help companies find their true North Star
  • Learn the basics of Innovation Management
  • The three Horizons of innovation applied in your organisation
  • How Cloud technology can boost your innovation capabilities
  • The values of creating a common vision of future and a higher purpose

Self-acclaimed business hippie Sabina curiously explores and connects design, psychology, change management principles and branding to help organisations navigate into the future. When she’s not fortune-telling at work, she likes to be in the now, pretending to be a photographer and playing peekaboo with her toddler.

Head of Innovation


Future proofing your brand

The future belongs to brands that embrace change. Brands that see this era of rapid disruption as a time of sustainable opportunities. But to embrace change brands need to build meaningful connections with people – inside and outside the organisation. In this morning Tobias will introduce to a holistic and purpose-led approach to brand strategies and how to position brands to stay relevant in an constantly evolving world.

Tobias works as Head of Strategy. He has been positioning brands to stay relevant and thrive in a digitalized world since the dot.com era. His experience of global brand strategy includes clients as diverse as Minecraft, Volvo Group, ÅF, BillerudKorsnäs and Kaluha. Before Digitalist and Grow, Tobias worked at Digitas, Starcom and Framfab.

Director Brand Strategy


The power of CoCreation

Cocreation involves redefining the way organizations engage individuals (customers, employees, suppliers and other stake­holders) into the process of value creation and engaging them in enriched experi­ences. In this morning session, Andreas Markewärn will talk about how to develop a Cocreation culture that fit every organization, from global corporation to small enterprises.

  • See how leading Nordic brands use Cocreation methods to ideate, conceptualize and validate new products and services
  • Learn how to start using Cocreation to drive a user-centric culture within your organisation

Andreas has over 20 years of experience working as a consultant and advisor for a number of organizations in the Nordics and Internationally. With an emotional, human-centered approach combined with the best-suited technology, Andreas design experiences and services that people love and embrace in their everyday lives. Andreas is a frequent keynote speaker that talks about Sustainability, Digital Transformation, the future of work and Marketing Automation/AI.

Digital Strategist | Business Developer

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